HISTORIA   DEL  PRIORAT




The name Priorat makes reference to the lands that were under prior jurisdiction of the Carthusian of Escaladei.

Prioratís story is somewhat unusual. The are was quite unknown little over 20 years ago, however it is now one of the most famous wine regions in Spain. Some of the greatest wines in Spain and in the world come from this region, and are acknowledged for their top quality in having the designation of origin of great quality.

The wines are known for using the old Grenache and CariŮena grapes (generally mixed with Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah) and for their mineral taste which comes from the soil there. The soil is volcanic and has a llicorella (fine slate) base, made of red and black slate with a few mica particles.

It has a continental climate and itís a mountainous area with steep slopes, characterized by the presence of the Montsant sierra, and so the terraced vineyards are planted there.

The capital of the region is Falset.

The olive oil that comes from the Priorat region is an extraordinary olive oil. You can get to know the elaboration process of it and the several millsí characteristics, which are spaced out in the region. There is a total of 8 mills you can visit where you can taste the highest quality extra virgin olive oil.

Thereís been a recent surge in interest in bee-keeping thanks to the wide variety of flora found in the area.

Itís a strategic starting point for many activities: discovering the Wine routes, cultural routes, hiking, cycling, BTT or climbing both Montsant and Siurana. These are only some of the available activities we offer in your stay.


 Montsant sierra


The natural park of Montsant covers a 9242m2 sueface area , and has a rich wildlive, full of regional species, and uncommon ones in

Catalunya such as : The cuabarrada eagle, the golden eagle the peregrine falcon, the greater horseshoe bat, the wildcat, teh Montsant

somereta and the mediterranean turtle , etc.

In items os vegetation found there, we can find holm oaks, oak-trees, forests of white pine and red pine ,etc, There are also

monumental trees such as  the Albarca Oak tree , the Ulldemolins willow. In the Montsant Sierra there grow different species of orchids

(around 40 species of the same family), with extraordinary shapes and colours , many of which are native to the area.

In terms of the views , you have a rough bump whith round shapes due to the   erosion processes of the calcareous material that makes up

most caverns, caves and cliffs.